Three Business Lessons From The Drag Strip

I learned the following at our “Guys Night at the Drags.”

The cars were all in top form and as I sat enjoying the racing action I found myself reflecting on the similarities between the business world and the sport of drag racing.

Some key business lessons to be learned from the sport:

1. Be early

2. Think strategically

3. Consistency will always beat a one time wonder

Lets put a little detail into each of these three ideas:

1. Be early or miss the good seats at the show.

  • If you arrive late to the race, chances are you will be struggling amongst the crowd to get a good view of the action.
  • So often in business we have a great idea and spend so much time perfecting it, that by the time we get to market we aren’t alone. We are in fact late to the event and the best options for your opportunity have passed you by.
  • The business lesson – manage your time wisely to achieve your ideas while seizing your best opportunities.

2. Think strategically about how to position yourself.

  • If you show up at the races at just the right time, you get top pick of the good seating. For optimal viewing start on one side, where the glistening morning sun is warming your back; then midday, change over to the other side, keeping your back towards the warmer afternoon sunlight. This way you get a prime view all day, with just the right level of light to see, but not so much as to distract or blind you.
  • The business lesson – seeing what is ahead of you and then acting accordingly is what strategy is all about. You act based on your understanding of the lay of the land and how you interpret it. Knowing where you are and more importantly when to move, as well as whyto move, is what good strategy is all about. This is applicable whether you are cheering from the bleachers, racing the car, and really any aspect of life and business.

3. Consistency will always beat a hard charger with no depth.

  • Over and over I witnessed how a car would over perform and its is driven to run hard, beat the clock and lose;
  • During the bracket racing, the slightly slower but significantly more consistent car would win time and time again. The inconsistent cars were quickly eliminated and those who were both fast and dependable ruled the day.
  • In racing and in business it’s not just about being fast, it is also about being dependable and repeatable.
  • The business lesson – dependability matters and it is your responsibility in business and in life, to be both responsible and dependable. After all, just like racing, no one wants to back or engage with a one time wonder, we all want repeatable and dependable partners in all aspects of out life and business.

Overall it was a great day and a company outing I hope to repeat next year, maybe even annually.

Was the day fun? 100% yes!

Did we learn important lessons to take home and apply Monday morning? Also 100% yes.

See you track side.

Gerry L. Wiebe Founder | President