“Do I believe in Gerry’s ability to promote our business professionally to the market?

I just signed a deal with Gerry, handing him our exclusive product rights, to North America…….for life!!

Any questions?”

Ryan Burton
Managing Partner, Bigfoot Crane Company Inc.

“I’ve had the honour and privilege of having Gerald as a coach and mentor and I can honestly say that his advice and coaching has changed my life. His knowledge of the world of sales, marketing and business in general is nothing short of inspirational and has given me the confidence to consult on a $2,000,000 dollar contract something I would never have done just a few short months ago.”

Newton Sahota
CEO | Agri Visionary, Twinberry Farm Ltd.

“I worked with Gerry in the past developing highly successful business programs in the heavy industrial services sector as well as technical sales training programs. So when an opportunity to compete for an executive position opened up for me I engaged with Gerry to coach me through the five month process. Gerry helped me balance my time; stay focussed on requirements and gave me the confidence to successfully pursue this opportunity. Gerry’s training, coaching and help with personal development was instrumental in bringing out the best of me.”

Gary Klynsoon, PMP
VP & GM, Pacific Industrial Moving Inc.

“What I appreciate about Gerry, is his honesty. He will tell it to you straight and educate you about the real world. His business sense, advice and ideals are firmly grounded and he’s backed them up with measurable results across many different business disciplines.

The benefit is that the results are duplicative, just listen to Gerry, do as he recommends and reap the rewards.”

Rick Barnett
OH&S Compliance Advisor, Valley First Aid Training

“Gerry is a broad-minded and self-motivated professional, a person you can trust when you want to be sure that important tasks will be completed in a systematic and precise way. Gerry Wiebe is probably one of the best Sales & Marketing professionals I have ever met in my life.”

Don Harsh
Sales Manager, Bodies Pre-cast

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