“He lifts it up, he dumps it out”

According to my mother this was the first full sentence I ever spoke. And I said it over and over as I played with my cast metal, front end loader growing up in Canada’s Nickel belt, Thompson Manitoba.

Well that was 1961 but not much has changed. I grew up around heavy industry and agriculture and loved every minute of it. By age 17 I was a welder in Winnipeg Manitoba. Along the way I had also discovered a love of all things sales. As the years went by my career evolved from welder, to forklift operator, to production supervisor, to operations manager, to general manager until I found myself in the C-Suite in 1996 running an award-winning recycling facility with 175 employees.

After kicking around in the Recycling, Environmental Services sector for 20 years I expanded my horizons spending six years in the heavy mechanical sector, and then seven years in the crane sector. Along the way I have focused on my education, finally finishing up with a Masters Certificate in Marketing Leadership from the Schulich Executive Education Centre at York University in 2012 and becoming one of a handful of Gitomer Certified Advisors/Sales Trainers in Canada.

Now my love of all things industrial, business development and sales comes together in Wiebe Industrial Services, Inc. We are focused on Business Development, Selling and Managing inside the Business to Business and Business to Industrial communities. We are obsessed with performance accountability, traceable ROI and the understanding that when industrial sales are done right, sustainability is the result.

At Wiebe Industrial Services Inc., we practice “Revenue Generation” which is our way of saying we take: business development, selling and managing very seriously, we run programs for our clients that bring strategies, market facts and sales tactics together to make for decisive and profitable sales programs.

If you’d like to take your business to the next level, let’s talk.