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Better Attitude For Better Results

I closed 2017 in a rather down frame of mind. Yes 2017 was better, business wise than 2016 but I did not meet several of my 2017 business goals. I felt I was off track, unfocused and that my Mojo was missing or at least very off. I took time off over the Christmas/New Years […]

Sales Velocity 101 for the WIN.

In the non-capital industrial sales business (sales with a unit value under $25,000.00), speed counts. In fact, very often the supplier with the fastest response to both an inquiry and the ability to accurately quote & deliver will get the sale. Here’s Why: This may not be a budget or cost management process, but it may […]

And Now For The Last 25

Have you heard this saying; 25 years to learn, 25 years to live and 25 years to leave a legacy? I think it’s a Stephen Covey line and I first hear it in the mid 90’s way back when I was in that second period, 25 years to live. At that time I never gave […]

It must be nice… To Not Need Business

Here are two simple and highly productive sales lessons that will go far in improving your customer relationships and making more sales. Answer your voice mail. I have been trying to get a hold of a seller to connect him with a client of mine for a solid week, all without a response. Wait that […]

The Trust Factor

When I have dark moments of self-doubt (and I do) and question my direction, value, skills etc… I cut the negative process short and head instead for the “Red Tin”. In this “Red Tin” I keep the original copies of every recommendation and/or testimonial I have ever received going back to the 80’s. If you […]

What’s Today’s Challenge?

In just the last week we have encountered the following sales client challenges: How to find qualified, self-motivated sales staff? When to hire, who to hire? How to manage the post application process for internal candidates who applied for sales positions but did not get selected for the position? Who to send to a major […]